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  About Us

Munir Crest Regalia opened its doors for business in the fall of 1998 for manufacturing of Hand Made Embroidery, Military Uniforms and uniforms accessories, Mesonic Reglalia Products.


Our Web Site attempts to show our growing range of products and we hope in its pages you will find items to suit your requirements, whatever your involvement with the uniform accessories.

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expose our full range of Products on the Web pages. These Web Pictures are to inform you about our live of Products.
We have built our reputation over the years by supplying first class uniform accessories at realistic Prices and we have attempted to continue the movement with new products which our customers send to copy them. 
Our excellent quality,hand needle work with gold, silver wire and silk/cotton thread in all colours. Often, as we had been receiving demands and inquiries of other items from the customers abroad, and in order to make up their demands, we shortly established our another unit and started production of Hand Made Embroidery, Military Insignia, Flag, Banner & Pennant, Family Crest, Peaks & Visors, Masonic Regalia, Uniform Accessories.
We always welcome new and our old customers to consider us their business partner and good friends. The customer satisfaction is our motto, because customer is always very important for us, we are dependent on him. We are not doing him a favour by serving him, he is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so.
We welcome new customers and would like to thank our many old customers for their continued Patronage.
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